The Solution: The EnviroChem Volumetric Blending Station, with our *Ultra Concentrate line of detergents designed specifically for it, gives our customers a three-tiered approach to reducing both cost and environmental impact.

1) Ultra Concentrated Cleaners!

As the name implies, our Ultra Concentrates are highly concentrated blends formulated with biodegradable, environmentally friendly surfactants that contain no phosphates or petroleum solvents. Utilizing our unique Blending Station to dilute and blend the Ultra Concentrates at prescribed ratios, our customers have the ability to produce end-dilutions of up to 1:1000. That's 1000 gallons of quality, effective cleaning solution from just one gallon of Ultra Concentrate! *The Ultra Concentrate line of detergents are designed specifically for us with the EVB. EPA registered products are no available as Ultra Concentrates nor suitable for use with the EVB.

2) No Inventory ‚ No Storage ‚ No Waste!

The combination of our Volumetric Blending Station and Ultra Concentrate detergents eliminates the need to inventory a large volume of cleaners in large shipping containers that waste valuable space. As an added benefit, our Blending Station monitors the level of your detergents and blends on an as-needed basis. What this means ... large, several hundred gallon storage tanks are no longer necessary, as the Volumetric Blending Station will automatically produce new product on demand when the detergent drops below a preset level.

3) Freight!

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the Volumetric Blending Station from both an environmental and cost savings perspective is the significant reduction in shipping volume and costs. Our Ultra Concentrates are formulated to be as efficient as possible, which means that the Volumetric Blending Station can reduce your shipping volume by 90% or more compared to standard products.

Our environmentally sound solution can reduce your shipping volume by 90% or more!
  • No Inventory
  • No Monitoring
  • No Storage
  • No Waste
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